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3 principles of effective English learning guide from experts

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Are you always looking for a way to learn English effectively but there’s still no method which is suit to you? You always wonder why other people can learn English well but you? Do you need a appropriate way that helps you communicate well one day? Then take a look at the following English learning guide from Global Learn experts to start learning English!

Hướng dẫn học tiếng Anh hiệu quả

  1. Starting with pronunciation

Pronunciation is always the most important factor that affects your English communication practice, from listening to speaking. If someone told you that “now let’s talk, then fix it later,” you should reconsider, because if wrong pronunciation becomes a habit, it will be very difficult to correct. False pronunciation includes: lack of final consonants, do not discriminate between long and short vowels, and do not pronounce clearly the misunderstanding sound. That is the reason why effective learning English guide from Global Learn recommends that you you practice pronunciation well.

Hướng dẫn học tiếng Anh hiệu quả

  1. Do not ignore the basics

Maybe this makes you boring, but there is a harsh reality that you cannot run before walking. Basic knowledge is the basis for more complex knowledge, so do not overlook the basic steps. There are many people who register for English-speaking courses at English centers, but after finishing the course they still have a point that “I can not hear, I can not speak”. Therefore, Global Learning’s English learning guide offers several basic materials:

Why is effective learning English method not effective?

– Listening to “Basic Tastics for Listening” and “Listen Carefully”, to get used to the basics, then level up on other materials like Pet, then combine with harder audio tracks, you will see more unexpected results.

– Speaking: You can imitate what you hear in YouTube videos, on English shows, audiobooks, or practice speaking in New Interchange, one of the most Cambridge’s well-known materials that are widely used throughout the world to help beginners learn to speak English.

Hướng dẫn học tiếng Anh hiệu quả

  1. Learn the vocabulary properly

Stop learning vocabulary individually!

The question of most English learners is why other people can know so many vocabulary. Why they cannot use any word while they’ve already learnt a lot of words? The answer is that you should change the way you learn vocabulary. An effective learning guide from Global Learn recommends that you should study vocabulary in groups of words, especially when looking up a new word, do not just look at the meaning of the word. Thesaurus is to look at meaning, type of word, pronunciation, usage in context and examples. Seeing the meaning of a word only help you  know the meaning of the word, but give an example that contains the word can help you remember the word. This way will help you remember longer, whenever you mention this word, you will immediately remember that example and will also immediately remember the meaning and usage of the word.