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3 tips to choose English teacher help you quickly progress

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Because “teacher who speaks” – pronunciation, intonation, grammar and cultural capital, behavior in English will directly affect teachers. Choose the right English teacher, you will progress faster.

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Experience and qualifications of foreign teachers

Learning English with native teachers can help you to approach English in a natural way. But to learn effectively and accurately, “checking” the experience of the teacher also helps you avoid the case study with teachers who do not have the certificate of teaching English internationally, have no experience and lack of skills. It. The problem is quite common in Vietnam.

The benefits of studying English with experienced and qualified English teacher are that you will be able to acquire knowledge in a scientific and solid way. You will also be mentally motivated to learn English. Experienced teachers will have teaching methods to encourage when you want to give up or “push” when you slow down to achieve your learning goals. As well as learning, psychology is a barrier that makes it difficult for you to learn English.

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Are native teachers required to pass a new level of international standard?

It is quite clear in the world that teachers with enough teaching qualifications are qualified to teach foreign languages. Two common standards for English teacher are TESOL or CELTA.

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a certificate of English for Speakers of Other Languages, accredited in over 80 countries and over 1,000 schools and language centers around the world. CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is a certificate of English for adults, issued by Cambrige University. CELTA is recognized around the world. When choosing an international standard English teacher, you should consider this factor.

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Should only learn English with native speakers?

If you can hear and communicate in English in general, learning with a native speaker will help you progress. But if the learner starts, learning immediately with the native teacher will put psychological pressure and make it difficult to progress. You do not understand the teacher’s words so you will have difficulty learning the knowledge. And you will feel the pressure, afraid of English, and even discouraged and want to give up. Therefore, learning with Vietnamese teacher will be a stepping stone for you to form a habit of listening in English, giving you confidence and comfort when learning with native teachers.

Learn with any teacher, during the learning process, try to use 100% English in the classroom, learn interactive video materials or video games to stimulate English listening skills.