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From small paper… to the big world

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The trip of “Little Farmers” does not stop at looking and observing just like going sightseeing, but it is really a chance for children  to roll their own sleeves to do all things themselves.

Tiếng Anh nông trại

From small paper …

Following in the footsteps of the leaders, the children will see in real life what they have learned in books, for examples, goats, horses, sheep, dairy cows, or pigs in the shed. In addition, the children also see orchards such as coconut, banana, lime, jackfruit, guava, learn about them and take photos with green rice fields. From what they observer, they can describe what they saw on the farm in English. Practicing English in a real life like this will definitely give your child greater interest and passion for learning English.

Tiếng Anh nông trại

…to the big world.

– Not only stop at looking and observing, they also have the opportunity to contact and make agricultural products by themselves. From feeding animals to playing with these gentle animals, or dropping yourself in cool green gardens and enjoying nature. All these experiences are tied to English that gives children an unforgettable experience.

– After pay a visit around the farm, at noon, the children will be relaxed in the pool and then learn how to make pancakes. How do you feel when you enjoy cake made by hand made by yourself? Surely it will be unforgettable right?

– Growing mushrooms is one of the useful activities of this trip. Children will learn how to grow mushrooms, and then manually create the environment for the mushrooms and harvest their mushrooms.

– After completing the tasks assigned, all children will participate in team games. These games require the unity of the team and the high level of teamwork, so the team must understand their teammates to achieve the highest results.

Tiếng Anh nông trại

6 necessary principles when have your children learning English.

Throughout this exciting journey, kids are only allowed to speak English without using any Vietnamese words. This adds to the excitement of speaking English to the little ones.

Ending the trip to the rustic farmhouse, the children not only have a good day to practice English, but also have many beautiful memories and interesting experiences.

Let Global Learn help your children’ learning to be closer and more natural, as the way they learn about the farm.


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