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Hack of the word with 7 ways to learn English

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Is the most preoccupation when learning English is the vocabulary? Learn vocabularies that can not be learned, but many do not remember how much? Lack of vocabulary, how to hear? How to talk? So Global Learn teaches you seven easy-to-remember English lessons to hack your brain with whatever vocabulary you want to learn.

Nghe nói tiếng Anh giao tiếp hàng ngày

  1. Study by topic

Do you realize that while in high school, each lesson has a theme and all the vocabulary and structure are related to the topic being studied? This is the goal of educators to help students remember vocabulary and sentence patterns more easily. By stamping vocabulary related to a topic together, you will recall all related vocabulary when discussing the topic.

  1. Learn flashcard

Not by copying a copy of a full page, you will remember it. It takes time, not science. By using flashcards that contain vocabulary, transliteration, images, and examples, you can not only learn the pronunciation and meaning of words, but also remember words faster and longer thanks to images and wallets. illustrated example.

    3. Read aloud every time you learn

Learning vocabulary is not only about learning and writing, but also learning to pronounce. So reading aloud is necessary to practice pronunciation correctly. In addition, reading aloud is a way to help the brain remember faster through hearing the word is pronounced.

The most effective way to learn English is for busy people

Mẹo học tiếng Anh nhanh nhất

  1. Learn vocabulary by making sentences

Illustrated examples are just a way to help you understand the meaning and usage of words in a particular context. So, in order to remember from time to time and turn from that to your own, you set yourself example with the words learned. That way, you not only understand the usage of the word but can remember it longer and apply more flexibly.

    5. Do not learn too many words in the same day

Priority in learning the word is not too much. Learning too many words in the same day will easily get you confused, remember from the after forgot before. Therefore, only learn 10 words a day, but try to remember all of them. As such, the quality is guaranteed.

Dạy kèm tiếng Anh giao tiếp

  1. Wash your hands often

Refining is extremely important not to be overlooked. No matter what you learn, after a day or two, the things you have learned will be forgotten by 70 to 80%, so you definitely need to practice every day, not just examining the past, but Have to scrutinize everything learned. So make sure you do not forget a word.

  1. Use a lot

The mistake many English learners make is to learn vocabulary apart from other skills, so that the words they learn are also useless because they are not used regularly. Therefore, you must actively use English vocabulary by speaking English, so you can quickly become fluent in English.

Here are seven easy ways to learn English with vocabulary. Apply today to learn English is not difficult offline!