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How to thinking in English best

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Thinking in English will make the transition from passive capital to active capital faster. In addition, thinking in English also helps us review and apply the vocabulary learned the best way!

Tư duy bằng tiếng Anh

Experience 1. Be aware of your thinking in English instead of thinking in Vietnamese and then translate into English

All change in thought. You have to think that you can think in English, and whenever a thought or a voice in your head tries to translate, such as: “I want to eat banana” to “I want to eat bananas “, try to avoid the translation mode in your head operation.

Experience 2. Try to describe everything around you in English

To start, simply try to look at everything around you in English.

Experience 3. Use the English-English dictionary to learn the definition in English

Frequent use of the English-English dictionary will increase your ability to think in English. Unlike the English-Vietnamese dictionary, the meaning of a word is simply a Vietnamese equivalent, with the English-English dictionary, the meaning of a word is expressed entirely in English, some words That means practical examples, and you will learn a lot from the dictionary itself, not just a meaningful conversion tool.

tư duy bằng Tiếng Anh

High quality English dictionary, updated continuously

English is the most popular language, so English dictionaries for learners are always kept up-to-date by publishers. The great thing is that with just the internet, you can access most of the best English-British dictionaries in the world. Here are some of the most frequently used dictionaries: Từ điển Oxford, Từ điển Cambridge, www.thesaurus.com

Many words can not be translated into Vietnamese, including idioms or verb phrases

When using the Vietnamese dictionary, you will not be able to find the words you need, either in the exact sense or in the context of the words, or the words that will be used in the context or words or accompanying words. with words Especially with idioms or verb phrases, it is imperative that you use the dictionary to get the most accurate results.

Experience 4. Make short conversations in English directly in your head

Next, let your brain become accustomed to thinking in English, and you need to make short sentences in English right in your head. Start with short questions and familiar words, making sure you visualize the sound in your head.

If you think you still think in Vietnamese then translate into English do not worry, that is normal. But make sure that you are aware that “I want to be good at English, I have to know how to think in English and to remove the thinking from Vietnamese into English,” and to practice thinking in English daily, as soon as possible.

tư duy bằng Tiếng Anh

Experience 5. Grumble with yourself and talk to yourself in English in front of the mirror

There is a need for you to combine direct dialogue in your head to quickly translate proficiency into thinking in English: to translate those sentences directly into spoken words. language. This helps a lot in speech reflexes. One of the ways to sound a little crazy, but really effective is to mumble in English and talk to yourself in English in front of the mirror.