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Improve skills through English passages

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English learners are more likely to focus on speaking and listening skills than on the other skills. Therefore, they only learn through listening, or practice speaking with others. But in essence, not only does listening assignments or conversations help you improve your communication skills, but English passages can also help you increase your skills effectively.
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1. How do reading English help you develop your skills?

  • Listening and Speaking: Taking time for English passages not only helps you to improve vocabulary, conversational patterns, but also everyday expressions. By reading the English readings, you can learn more interesting sentences, from which your way of talking in English is also becoming more natural and understanding the culture of the West is also easier.
  • Reading and writing: English readings are one of the rich sources of grammar to practice reading and writing. Not only you can improve the skim and scan skills while reading, it also contains many subtle grammatical structures that you can learn to make your writing more attractive. The use of tenses, clauses or words, the author’s writing style is necessary to be learnt so that you can improve your writing.

Practice English with English native speakers.

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  1. Which English readings should be used?

    You can read any English text, short story or any academic reading you like. Reading is a skill that needs concentration so as not to miss information as well as to pick up good structures, so it can become boring if you are not interested. Therefore, choose to read funny stories, fairy tales, or choose the content you like to make it fun when reading. Starting from what you like, you can achieve the desired effect.

3 effective ways to self-study English

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  1. Let’s try reading an interesting story

A new machine

The doctor asked the expectant father to try out a machine he had invented that transferred labour pains from the mother to the father. Billy agreed and the machine was set up. Although it was set to its highest setting, Billy felt not a twinge. Later that day, he went home to pick up a few items his wife wanted and discovered the milkman lying on his door step groaning in gain.