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Notes for parents when select English learning materials for children

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  1. Select the standard curriculum

English textbooks and materials are the significant influence on the quality and outcome of children’s learning, so standard curriculum selection is essential. Currently, among countless documents on the market, finding English books and documents is not difficult. However, parents should choose for their children the standard textbooks prepared and designed according to the standards of Cambridge or Oxford, … These are the syllabus designed in accordance with international standards, voted and used by all schools, language centers, …

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  1. The curriculum is appropriate for the level of the child

The curriculum selection is the most important factor. When choosing an English language curriculum for children, parents must first determine the level of their child so that they can choose the appropriate curriculum. The Cambridge and Oxford curricula are divided into several levels to help children learn English from basic to advanced. Parents can test their child’s level at Global Learn to select the most appropriate curriculum and syllabus with the baby.

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  1. The textbook contains a lot of pictures

Children enjoy colors, fun and lively images, so parents should choose the curriculum that attracts children’s attention, stimulates curiosity as well as interest in learning, so that the child will actively learn to read books and enjoy them. Positive emotions for language will lead to positive learning outcomes.

  1. Multimedia curriculum

Multimedia curriculum helps children develop their all skills. As children learn English, adults tend to focus only on the vocabulary or have them repeat quotes, however, development of all skills is essential to the foundation of children’s learning later. Therefore, when selecting the English curriculum for children, parents should choose the curriculum combining listening CD, stickers at the end of the book to help them identify vocabulary and simple grammar combinations.

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Standardized textbooks that are animated and relevant to a child’s level and develops all the skills to help children practice listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar will have positive effects for the full development of the English language of the child later. So, parents shouldn’t overlook the importance of the textbook.

Have children practice speaking on 3 stages.