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Self-study English from the beginning: difficult or easy?

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Globalization has become the mainstay, leading to the need to improve cultural intercultural capacity. While English language learning centers and institutions, such as Global Learn, can help you improve your English, but want to be good at something, the learner first needs to self effort. That means that people who want to self-study English from the beginning must have the determination and methodology rational.

Học tiếng Anh từ đầu khó hay dễ

Self-study English from the beginning is difficult, because …

Besides the vowels and consonants, English also has double vowels and consonant pairs. Words are even different in the length of the sound when it is emitted. For example: sheep / ʃiːp / and ship / ʃɪp /. So for beginners it will be difficult to distinguish these sounds. That leads to the failure to keep up with the speed of speech and the elusive meaning of the speaker.

Grammar and sentence structure are also a difficult issue for beginners to learn English. This is not necessarily because English grammar is too complex. The difference in the establishment of sentences between Vietnamese and English has created a distance for self-study English from the beginning have some small problems.

Tự học tiếng Anh từ đầu

But self-study English from the beginning is also easy, because …

English material exists everywhere in your daily life. English is not only in the dry textbook but also in many genres, melodious songs and fascinating novels. The vast English language, the school, the bus, the office … You will not be too anxious to search for your English language.

Moreover, social networking is growing, the internet is a huge resource for those who are really passionate about learning English. This is an effective learning aid for self-study English from the beginning by supporting all four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.