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The benefits that green farm trip bring for children

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After a day of sightseeing and discovering the farm with great fun, the little farmer crew has accumulated a lot of interesting and useful things that they can not get in the city. This trip not only foster knowledge but also emotionally affect to the little angels, contributing to the perfectly development of children.

Lợi ích mà chuyến đi đem lại Lợi ích mà chuyến đi đem lại

  1. Knowledge

– Language: a day of listening and speaking English, children have learnt some English structures and vocabulary in a natural way and not restricted but the children can still remember and use it. Especially the children have learnt about the things around in English, listening and understanding without having to translate into Vietnamese. They no longer hesitate to use English with native teachers and with their friends, just as English language has come to them as a natural reflex.

Lợi ích mà chuyến đi đem lại

Lợi ích mà chuyến đi đem lại

– Knowledge support: The farm visit has taught children a lot about the natural world, such as seeing and playing with animals they have learnt, learning about plants, flowers, how to milk from the cow, how to make pancakes, pick mushrooms and make embryos…. For children, such simple things are very interesting knowledge which giving them unforgettable memories.

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Lợi ích mà chuyến đi đem lại

  1. Skills

– Spent a day with friends and teachers without the parents, the children have learned to be independent and can go to explore the world without parents. Through the trip, the children learned to grow up and become more independent, get on with other people around them.

Lợi ích mà chuyến đi đem lại

– Team building skills: Through team games and advocacy, children not only foster their solidarity, but also learn to support and help each other that makes their friendship more and more close and cohesive.

Lợi ích mà chuyến đi đem lại

After a long, exhausting but fun and extremely useful day, the children have learned a lot from knowledge to skill. That is what Global Learn wants to bring to the children after this interesting visit.

Lợi ích mà chuyến đi đem lại


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