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The hottest English songs for children recently

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Are your children lazy to learn English? Do they run around the room when parents tell them to sit at the desk? There’s a way! Just show them the English songs below, they will immediately love learning English! Whether they are little or old, they all like funny and cute tunes. So, parents should not ignore the following English songs,because they help children to learn English combining with fostering musical ability.

Các bài hát tiếng Anh

  1. Baby shark

This is one of the most popular English songs today with cheerful melodies, simple lyrics and fun animations. All the children listening to this song are very excited, even they can remember the song’s lyrics.

  1. Head, shoulders, knees and toes and One little finger

These English songs have gentle melodies, medium rhythms that teach the baby about body parts. Lyrics repeated many times accompanied by clear action to help children recognize parts of the body and memorize vocabulary when they sing along.

Các bài hát tiếng Anh

  1. If you’re happy

The song is not only good for kids but also helps them learn vocabulary related to emotions such as fun, sadness, anger or anxiety. Just listen to them again and again, children can remember and sing along.

Reveal the secret to teach children to be good at English from a young age.

  1. Old Mc Donald

If you want to let your child learn familiar and close animals, then let them listen to this song. Teaching children through English-related songs combined with pictures of animals will help them remember faster!

Các bài hát tiếng Anh

  1. Five little ducks

Learn to count with children with the English songs, parents! Not only counting from 1 to 10, but children can also hum and count all day if parents let them listen to these songs.

These English songs are also frequently used by Global Learn teachers to enhance their classrooms. From now on, the parents just type the name of the song to look for the song you need, you don’t need to search or choose to take it offline again!