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The interesting things only at English tutors

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What is your first impression when thinking about a tutor? Is that a teacher carrying a heavy backpack of books, coming your home and beginning lecturing, and you have to start writing? This impression may be true with some subjects, but with English, you should think again because an English tutor is more interesting than you think!

gia sư Anh văn giao tiếp

Tutor – Teacher – Friend

Global Learn teachers are teachers who have many years of experience so the ways they communicate knowledge to students are also extremely diverse. When learning with English tutors who are Global Learn’s teachers, you will find they are friendly, funny and not rigid in the way they teach. The teacher will provide you with necessary knowledge relating to the lesson, such as vocabulary, patterns, usage, etc. After that, they will be friends to practice with you during the lesson. Learning English need interaction, so English tutors are seen as a friend to create opportunities for learners to practice.

Benefits when learning English in groups with English tutors.

gia sư Anh văn giao tiếp

Learn – play – talk – learn

English communication requires interaction, with a great emphasis on listening and speaking, so learners must practice listening and speaking a lot. English tutors not only provide knowledge in books, but also organize small games, conversations that help students practice language in a natural way. They are not just teachers, they are also seen as friends, talking to students in English comfortably to both share and practice.

gia sư Anh văn giao tiếp

Inspirational person

Interest and passion are important factors in learning English. Communicative English tutors are those who have the mission to inspire learners. With the knowledge of the unique culture of the UK they have learnt, the tutors always know how to attract learners to the English language.