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What qualities make a good English teacher?

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To succeed in teaching, not just having to love children and having knowledge, we can all see if someone is a good English teacher. Think about the teachers you love and why you love them. Only a few, but they all have the same qualities:

Giáo viên dạy Anh văn

  1. Confidence:

Always believe in yourself even if they fail. English teachers are always faced with difficult situations in their careers that are sometimes seen as failures. There are very naughty kids, especially teens who are very attentive. Many teachers are anxious to teach students like this. The other teachers are quite afraid and only half committed to completing their lectures. However, some teachers are quite calm before the joke of the students. They continue the lesson, because they know that they are just hyperactive children.

  1. Patience:

A good English teacher is a teacher who can help students overcome a mental breakdown. They crossed the generation gap to help their students. They are willing to explain, though repeatedly because they know that in the end it will be meaningful. They are ready to wait until a student is calm and calm, even if they are able to teach a lesson that is clearly understandable if the student is still in trouble. A good teacher is willing to do what is necessary for her students, no matter how long it takes.

Giáo viên dạy Anh văn giỏi

  1. Really love their students:

The good English teacher is interested in each individual student and wants to help them. Sometimes they know a student needs attention and makes them feel happy. They always encourage students to express their thoughts, spend time discussing with students, even if they are knowledge beyond the lecture. Their interest extends beyond the classroom walls.

  1. Understanding:

Good English teacher naturally have to have knowledge – that is the real understanding of the teaching method. They do not have a rigid technique but are always flexible in their teaching style, adjusting daily if necessary. They understand the nature and maturation process of adolescents.

Giáo viên dạy Anh văn giỏi tại nhà

  1. The ability to see life:

Not everyone is taught the same subject by each teacher. Good English teachers are capable of teaching in different learning styles. English for the staff will certainly be different from the usual English communication style, the learning style of those who have teachers at home is certainly different from those of ordinary learners. If students do not understand a topic, they teach it in a different way. Instead of looking at abstract formulas, they explain in terms of specific, easy-to-understand images. This requires a thorough understanding of their lessons, as well as the ability to consider them in different ways, which not all teachers can do.


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