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With Global Learn learn about the current learning English online

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In the past five years, with the rapid development of technology in the world, a new form of learning English has emerged, which is the form of learning English online through the Internet. Applying for the first time in developed countries and spreading rapidly to developing countries around the world, the form of learning foreign languages ​​online has proved why this is a method of learning the future, is the method Study well with many advantages and will gradually change the way we learn. What are the special features that make learning English online so fast? Let Global Learn explain it:

Học tiếng Anh online

Teach 1 plus 1:

This is the learning style of most online English learning sites. You can still choose the option of one or more teachers, however, most students choose to study one teacher. Because of the 1-to-1 learning method, students do not have to spend time sharing their study time with others, they will be taught directly by the teacher and will have full time of their course.

Online teaching is not easy offline:

Learning English online is not limited to requirements such as having a board, pen like learning offline, but even having a lot of options for teachers. Teachers can use a variety of tools to deliver their lectures, many of which are tailored to meet the needs of online learners.

Học tiếng Anh online

Everyone has learned:

Online English learning is special in that almost everyone can learn, no age limit, no gender limit. In particular, this form is suitable for shy learners, lack of self-confidence, 1-to-1 learning, which makes them feel more confident when no other people observe them and make them more comfortable learning.

Optional study time:

This is a totally different point of view with offline learning. Students and teachers connect with each other based on their spare time instead of learning the time assigned by the center.

Học tiếng Anh online

Learners select teachers:

Continuing to be a big difference, with the online learning method, teachers in the online English system will put their information on the website, including their names, teaching courses, videos taught to students to refer before choosing your own teacher.

Where to study:

Not to the center to learn, with the form of learning English online, students can freely choose the location of their own, it can be at home, probably in the cafe … With the form of study As such, students and teachers are not concerned about their mobility, where they learn.