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6 unique and effective English tutoring methods for all subjects

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The following English tutoring may be helpful for teachers teaching this subject or even for parents to find an effective way to teach their children English.

Phương pháp dạy kèm tiếng Anh

  1. Use iPod to English tutoring

Does your student bring his iPod or cell phone to class? Make it an advantage. Children can use these devices in class or at home to record their conversations in English so that you can review them. In addition, when children listen to their own speech, they may discover section where they can improve better.

  1. The Art of English Conversation

Why spend a fixed time every week to an English tutoring club to communicate. You can communicate everyday. Use props, pictures, music or whatever you have at hand to start, stop, and maintain activities so that learners are accustomed to speaking a new language.

Cách dạy kèm tiếng Anh cho mọi đối tượng

  1. Use social networking

Every second there is an average of 6,000 tweets posted on Twitter, while Facebook has more than 1 billion users every day. In addition, there are many other options such as Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr. No doubt social networking is a global phenomenon that has the potential to touch all countries and languages, so use it when English tutoring. Use social networking to bring the real world into your classroom. Creating a classroom community can be a great way to connect learners and bring new ways of communication.

  1. Encourage the form of performance

Group work or role play has long been used as English tutoring, but can it be increased? Jason Levine is an English teacher in New York. He uses rap music to teach phrases and provides PDFs of lyrics to help students absorb their lectures. He got good results thanks to this method. You may consider experimenting, or if you are not a rap artist, you can do some video.

Dạy kèm tiếng Anh hiệu quả

  1. English tutoring in the virtual world

English learners of all ages are always immersed in the virtual world to learn English. You can encourage them to create an avatar that interacts with others as their second life. Many of these interfaces are literal, but they can also talk face to face with virtual friends.

  1. Learn about celebrities

Profiling strategies are especially useful for teaching verbs. Find the stars your students admire, then use a short biography or write a summary of their life and important accomplishments. Read the biography to your students, making sure they understand the difference between the past tense and the present tense.