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Be master at english with 3 efficient English learning skills

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Learning English is not just about trying to review and rehearse what you have learned. To make progress in learning English quickly, you also need to have some skills. In this article, Global Learn will share some effective learning English skills learned from the experience of Global Learn teachers.

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  1. Take notes

Taking notes is one of the skills in learning English effectively. Taking notes here is to write down the minimum knowledge. What you’ve learnt at school or study with teachers, most of which are main knowledge with the main grammar and popular pattern. But with small grammar, jokes of foreigners or a vocabulary you like, you can not wait to be taught by your teacher. So always bring with you a small notebook so that when you come across a new word, or a subtle structure, you can immediately write in your notebook. That is a way to accumulate more knowledge for yourself.

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  1. Selective Skill

Selectivity is also an important element in effective English learning skills. The selection here includes selecting materials and selection knowledge content. Select the materials that best suit your current level and your interests. Do not collect too many documents at the same time, instead focus on a selected document, and after that you can select another document to learn so that you will not be confused if the knowledge is different in two documents. Select the knowledge related to the topic you are learning to focus on the topic and not be distracted by many pervasive knowledge at the same time.

3 important principles of effective English learning guide from the experts.

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  1. Skills of application

Learning English is the process of acquiring more knowledge, but to make progress, it is imperative to use and apply it regularly. To learn English effective, learners have to frequently use what they have learned in all possible contexts, maybe when they are learning, playing, talking with friends, or whenever possible that you can say an English sentence, just use English. Regular and contextual application will give the learner a conditional English reflex that makes it easier to speak English.

The above skills are effective English learning skills that are considered very useful for learning English. Just use these skills to learn English everyday, and you will find that your English learning has changed a lot.