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English children from kindergarten – what can parents do for their children?

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Kindergarten is an ideal time for children to start with English children as it is the time when children can accumulate language in the most natural and easy way. However, it is not possible for parents to default that they simply need to learn “naturally”, to accumulate “natural” knowledge without any effort or reinforcement. On the contrary, parents must play an important role in helping children discover, accumulate and develop language. So how can parents help you in this journey?

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Choose a good environment for your child from the start

Regardless of whether your family is economically fit, you can choose to have a good English environment right from the start. Many parents do not know or are not good at English, but they can also help their children to communicate with English by giving them access to the tapes, learning through youtube and books.

More qualified parents may be able to attend classes with native teachers in prestigious centers so that they can be contacted with standard English children from the beginning, developing excitement. with the language and habits of using English.

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Understand what your child is learning

It is very important for your child to learn English that you have to know what your child is learning. If your child is attending a children’s English program at an English language center, you can find out more information from the counselor, from the teacher or classroom tutor to learn the curriculum and the curriculum. of children. By that, you know you will need to support and strengthen your child’s skills at home.

Facilitate for children contact with native / English speaking people

Take advantage of every opportunity for your child to be able to interact with English speakers, especially native speakers so that they can learn – not just the language, but also the way Westerners behave. , know how to show your own civilization by saying “thank you”, welcome or excuse-me.

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Learn with your children

If parents do not know or are not good at English, and want to maximize their ability to learn English, parents can learn and practice English with their children. This will create tremendous momentum for both children and parents.

Encourage children

When children begin to speak English children, parents should encourage their children to praise their child’s progress in motivating their children to learn and love English.