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English teacher – Career is not easy

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English teacher is extremely interesting but not easy. Since English is a bit logical, there are many exceptions, but it requires persistence for a very long time to be able to use it. Therefore, English teacher career can not stop at good lectures, but it also requires the pursuit, tutoring and motivation of students for a long time, and a training strategy. Complex.

Giáo viên dạy tiếng Anh

English teacher is a singer and conductor

An enthusiastic and enthusiastic teacher will usually give priority to teaching speaking and pronunciation. And of course the teacher must constantly pronounce, say, model, and repeat repeatedly when the learner practices and makes mistakes. The teacher also has to “up and down” to the intonation of English.

Then they are the conductor of the “chorus” class, practicing the discrete phonemes, then pronouncing each word, followed by the words with the air, keeping the beat, keeping the air to speak. It is a complete sentence, but it must know the phonemes to say the correct intonation in every phrase of the sentence. The song is sung by the English teacher repeatedly throughout the day.

Giáo viên dạy tiếng Anh tại nhà

English teacher is a grower

If gardeners sow seeds, take care of them every day, and watch them grow up, English teaching also sows the seeds of language every day in the student, and then takes care of them. But the hardest is that they rarely have the opportunity to watch the seed grow up every day, but instead all day running the “garden” (as learners) to cultivate, care with words of encouragement, and even anger to remind students to learn and to work harder.

“Gardeners” are often stubborn, refusing to give those germplasm grow up every day by persistently practicing them, instead they have plenty of fun and other daily concerns enough to seed. English sleeps or drifts along the lines of time. Successful growers must pick up the seeds and sow the seeds on the stingy garden more persistently and patiently. They must find more measures to monitor, manage, and encourage, promote. At this planting time, they have to keep their eyes open more often, more disciplined, and more disciplined so that the trainees can really practice, let the seeds germinate and grow.

Giáo viên dạy tiếng Anh cho trê em

English teacher is an actor and director

This is because they are always in the “stage” of the class before the “audience” students and must play every role in any conversation, case film, or presentation … to model. , or at least inspire practitioners to practice. With each type of sentence, the English teacher must perform the right way to express the attitude, intonation and voice … so that the learner can feel the most contextual use of the language of communication sentences. It’s hard for them to preach.

By asking the trainees to practice, the teacher becomes the director to correct the voice, the language and the intonation of the learner, reminding the learner about the context of use and the notion of using the sentence types. Especially like slang or communication idioms.

Giáo viên dạy tiếng Anh - nghề không dễ

English teacher is programmer

A good teacher is not just a lecturer or a lecturer, but a meticulous plumber who prepares for the desired goal to score high on the international English test. This is a clear improvement in English communication skills. Therefore, the English teacher must have a tight program from beginning to end including the number of words to teach, number of readings, listening to practice, number of sentences to master, minimum number of effectuating exercise for each practice skill for students.

It requires the teacher to have a deep knowledge of what he is teaching and have a solid experience to anticipate the variables and difficulties. In addition, good English teacher must know how to “install” the students in the program “scientific” and inspirational so they always longing, actively, actively learning English, and always learn the language. You have the right method and process set.