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How to get back the “root” in English the best possible?

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Many people who read this question will definitely jump in to learn grammar again because you’ve been taught that way. That is why now your English is so bad. Study grammar is not wrong, but to get back “root” in English that plunge into the grammar is the serious wrong. Is that how you did to cope with high school tests? Now grammar is not enough to save you.

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First, to get the “root” in English, learn the pronunciation, when you say you will combine both vocabulary and listening skills. Let’s start with the international phonetic transcript and the new common words. After learning the pronunciation, what to do is learn new words, how? You can change the language of life to English from facebook, listen to music, watch movies … Then create a communication environment in English, find a group of friends to practice speaking or joining the English club. … Whether you want to or not, no matter what industry to study, English is still very necessary. But suffering is that you study forever but not quite up, do not know where to start and the leading cause that is afraid to learn.

"gốc" tiếng Anh

You do not know where to start?

You claim that you lost the English roots, after so many years of hard “night” with it that now nothing. Actually you study but because of not practice so of course not remember. So where to start from, what level is suitable, should study online or find a center teaching English outside to get back “root” in English? Be calm and start from the simplest. Each day, learn 5 new words, use sticky notes to stick with common objects in the room, you can change facebook language or phone information into English … initially to shape your thoughts that you Need to turn English into everyday language.

English is hard work

Of course, learning any subject you need to take hard, but in English it is a little more special when you have to take hard and also love it again. If you study with the thought of getting a standard diploma or “dealing with” the score, it will never get better. The first rule to learn English is to learn every day. Give yourself a rule whether you are busy with work, having to go out or traveling with friends are exposed to English.

"gốc" tiếng Anh

How to learn English at home?

You can outline a clear roadmap, first step you should pay more attention to English, then set the resolution to conquer it, then practice and finally the English application in life every day.

That is how you will conquer the “root” in English at home without the need for a center or a teacher at all. You love English and see it as a living language. You should learn English more from the Internet, from blockbuster movies or American music, you can also study through Youtube completely free. Simply learn the phrase, then learn the sentence intact and finally classify them by subject. Identify yourself for such topics and keep them in mind. The biggest difficulty for English learners is laziness, because the subject requires diligence. Just hard work, I believe English will only be a simple matter.