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Mistakes on how to be good at English quickly

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Many English learners go to google and type the phrase “how to be good at English quickly”, but when applying, those method are not suitable with them. That is because they don’t realise their mistakes on how to be good at English.

Cách học giỏi tiếng Anh nhanh nhất

  1. Do not set goals

The goal is the result that the learners are aiming for and wanting to achieve in a certain time. Setting goals will give the learner a clear orientation and determination to achieve their goals. For example, your goal is to reach 7.0 IELTS in 3 months, so you have to make the effort and take the time to reach your goal. If learners just learn basically without any clear goal, they hardly test their progress or they don’t have motivation to try their best. If you don’t have any aim, it will be useless to apply any best way to be good at English.

How to release the procrastination and laziness when learning English?

Cách học giỏi tiếng Anh nhanh nhất

  1. Select the appropriate method

When talking about the quickest way to learn English, there are probably many ways to be effective. But these methods can not be applied mechanically to all, this method is suit with this person but not for others and vice versa. Therefore, before adopting a method, checking that it is appropriate for you, adjust the points that are not appropriate, or find a method that is more suited to you to avoid losing both time and results.

Cách học giỏi tiếng Anh nhanh nhất

     3. No pressure

Pressure and motivation are two factors that motivate people to operate at the highest productivity. The quickest way to be better at English is to give yourself a certain amount of pressure. For example, with the goal set, every day you have to spend 3 hours to sit at the desk, do one test and learn 10 vocabulary, if not done, nothing else. Therefore, learn to discipline yourself is a serious attitude to your learning. If so, then you can be good at English quickly.