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Practical guide for English language learning through watching English films

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Everyone knows that creating an English environment is extremely important for Vietnamese learners, especially through watching English films. However, many people watch English films a lot but they still cannot communicate. Then what is the reason and what is the right method? In this article, Global Learn will teach you how to learn to communicate effectively through watching film.

phương pháp học giao tiếp tiếng Anh hiệu quả

What are your reasons for not learning English through film effectively?

– Choosing movies that do not suit your level: Learners often choose films they like that is good for creating emotions when learning English, but there are many films having too fast speaking speed, or there is a lot of noise, the characters in the movie whisper or scream so loud then you cannot hear the character clearly, and finally, after watching, you cannot remember the dialogue at all.

– No emotions: Emotion is a very important factor in learning English. Many English learners choose the films they do not like, so when watching it, they also do not want to learn anymore.

– Just watch movies and … forget to learn: This is a very common reason, because they are drawn to the details in the film and obviously forget that they are learning English.

Watching movies is considered as one of the most effectively methods of learning English communication effectively, but if you do not know how to learn, it is helpless.

3 important principles of effective English learning guide from the experts.

phương pháp học giao tiếp tiếng Anh hiệu quả

Practice the method of learning English effectively through film in 3 steps:

– Step 1: Choose the film that suits your level. Global Learn recommends that the movies should be animated, comedic or sitcoms, as the tempo of these films is rather slow, the sayings are simple so the learners can hear all the sentences in the conversation.

– Step 2: After selecting the movie then we can start learning. Choose a short conversation that you like. Why? Because emotion determines so much to the process of learning English. For example, in a dialogue between two people, you choose a character and learn the dialogue of that character. Try to imitate the intonation of that character’s.

phương pháp học giao tiếp tiếng Anh hiệu quả

– Step 3: immersive. Once you remember, role play the character in the movie by re-opening the dialogue, pausing at the character’s speaking and speaking instead of the character, with all the same expressions and intonation as in movie.

By practicing sentences in a movie like this, you will be able to practice speaking more, speaking in more contexts, and not mechanically following shorter conversations in textbooks.